Environmental Governance in China: transitioning from carbon-fuelled industrialisation to sustainable growth

Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, The University of Melbourne

12:30am-1:30pm Thursday 8 February

Japanese Room, Level 4, Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne

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This seminar will explore the evolving landscape of environmental regulation in China as government seeks to respond to Paris Convention targets and public pressure to clean-up. How is China managing the trade-off between economic growth and environmental protection? How is China seeking to manage eco-system services? Does it see a gold-green trade-off? Is there evidence the goal of sustainable green growth is achievable? What are the implications for the world’s manufacturing hub. What can we understand and decipher from the dramatic steps that have been introduced in recent years?


Zhenzhen Xu is Asia Pacific Regional Manager for the Alliance for Water Stewardship. She has been a keen observer of the evolving environmental landscape in China over the past decade.
Michael Spencer
 is a PhD candidate in the Monash Business School, CEO of the Alliance for Water Stewardship Asia-Pacific, and Chairs the International Alliance of Water Stewardship.  He has been working on water management in China for a number of years.
Alice de Jonge
 is a Senior Lecturer in the Monash Business School. She lectures in the post-graduate units Comparative Business Law in Asia and International Law and Policy and main research interests are in the law, politics and society of Asia, with a particular focus on corporate social responsibility in Asian and Chinese contexts.