Contemporary Chinese Philosophy and Universal Values

China Studies Research Centre, La Trobe University

Dr Wen Bifang, Wuhan University

2:30pm-4:00pm, Wednesday 9 August 2017
Room 318, Education 2 (ED2), La Trobe University

**This seminar will be presented in Chinese**

This seminar examines two influential intellectual currents in modern New Confucian thought. Since the beginning of the new millennium, in Chinese philosophy circles there has been a trend to deconstruct the Enlightenment legacy and also to deny the legitimacy of modern universal values. This trend is associated in particular with Jiang Qing and Chen Ming, two prominent representatives of so-called Mainland New Confucianism. On the other hand, so-called Modern New Confucians such as Mou Zongsan, Tang Junyi and Xu Fuguan are much more willing to accept modern values like science and democracy, while also drawing on the resources of Chinese traditional culture. The aim of this presentation is to assess the influence of these two currents on the current development of Confucian thought in China.

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