From Propaganda to Professionalism

Panel discussion – University of Melbourne

From Propaganda to Professionalism: Generational Changes in Chinese Journalism

3.30pm-5.00pm, Thursday 8 June 2017
Research Lounge, Level 5, Arts West Building, University of Melbourne

Chinese media have undergone astonishing change over the past four decades — from an era in which the only role of newspapers and broadcasters was to serve as the “tongue and throat” of the ruling Party, to an era of booming advertising and commercial media development in the 1990s, to the dawn and maturation of the internet and finally mobile-based social media. More recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping has again emphasized that media must “love the Party, protect the Party and serve the Party.”

This dialogue, facilitated by David Bandurski of the China Media Project, is a chance to hear this story of continuing change and persisting control from three visiting journalists spanning four decades of media development in China. They include Qian Gang, co-director of the China Media Project and former managing editor of the Southern Weekly newspaper.