Heart of Darkness?

mic_issue-3-coverMade in China, Issue 3: Heart of Darkness?


The core of this issue is dedicated to a special section on Chinese labour and investment in Africa, with a specific focus on Ghana and Zambia. You will also find an analysis of the current situation of the Chinese working classes and the prospects for the political representation of labour in China, as well as an analysis of the struggles that Chinese workers face when they attempt to access the legal system. The issue also includes an analysis of recent worker struggles in India and an essay on Zhao Liang’s Behemoth.

Made in China: A Quarterly on Chinese labour, Civil Society, and Rights (ISSN 2206-9119) is edited by Ivan Franceschini (ANU), Kevin Lin (International Labour Rights Forum) and Nicholas Loubere (ANU). In the last few years, the Chinese labour movement has witnessed significant developments, not only with the occurrence of some of the largest strikes in decades but also the emergence of grave challenges for workers and activists. As researchers of Chinese labour, we believe that this calls for more serious analysis from both scholars and practitioners, as well for a critical engagement with a broader international audience interested in forging international solidarity.