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davidkellyChina Studies Research Centre, La Trobe University

China Solution: first the good news…
Dr David Kelly, Research Director, China Policy, Beijing

Date:    Friday 4th November 2016
Time:   12:30 – 1:30pm
Venue: Boardroom (Room 20.02), Level 20, La Trobe University City Campus, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne

China’s media frequently speak of crisis: it’s cited as a reason to have a Communist Party. But it’s partial, not total, and transient, not stuck in this or that sector. The economic story is tired: growth rates are falling, debt is rising The Party’s enforcer of internal rules, the CCDI (Central Commission for Discipline Inspection) appears to be the last man standing in the economy, popping up in SOEs and private firms alike. China is solvent, for now. The trouble is no one believes the statistics; mixed signals and policy gridlock compete for attention with the Party’s growing concentration of power. The ‘China Solution’ recently proclaimed by Xi Jinping at the G20 was a measure, he said, of China’s ‘institutional self-confidence’. This phrase is currently filling the media. The presentation will look into paradoxes like ‘soft resistance’: officials everywhere are inactive, ‘running dead’ when the economy needs more action than ever. Another buzzword being debated in Beijing: ‘strategic overreach’ will be considered. Is the current stance just compensation for domestic troubles?  Can Xi Jinping still deliver to the Party, the people and the world? If so, what does the China Solution offer?

Dr David Kelly leads research at China Policy, with main responsibility for the geopolitics team. China Policy is a leading Beijing-based research and advisory company. Over thirty years his work has ranged widely across issues affecting China’s economic, political, and social institutions. These threads combine in his current work on China’s strategic positioning, political risk and the external impact of domestic policy. David is a regular media commentator on Chinese affairs for the BBC, the ABC, the Financial Times, Al Jazeera, Sky News and Voice of America. He is a visiting professor at Peking University.

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