China’s Grand Strategy

chinastrategy_180x267Sydney Ideas and China Studies Centre, University of Sydney

Regional roles and policy towards middle powers in the context of US-China relations

Co-presented with the China Studies Centre, University of Sydney, in collaboration with Deakin University and La Trobe University

6pm-7.30pm, Thursday 7 April
Law School Lounge, Level 1, Sydney Law School, Eastern Avenue, The University of Sydney

China is a rising power in the world. Its grand strategy, regional role and foreign policy have significant impacts on global and regional affairs, and have important implications for countries such as the United States and Australia.

Australia faces the challenges of balancing its relationships with both the United States and China in a sometimes volatile regional security environment, exemplified by the South China Sea disputes.

How do the Chinese perceive their role and key relationships with global and regional powers? The University of Sydney brings together prominent Chinese scholars and Australian scholars to engage in open, extensive and in-depth conversations on:
• China-US relations: are the two heading toward confrontation?
• The rise of China and parallel transformation of the international system
• China’s place in the international order

Professor Wang Jisi is President of the Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University. He is honorary president of the Chinese Association for American Studies, and has been a member of the Foreign Policy Advisory Committee of China’s Foreign Ministry since 2008.

Professor Yan Xuetong is the Dean of the Institute of Modern International Relations, Tsinghua University, Secretary General of the World Peace Forum, the Editor-in-Chief of The Chinese Journal of International Politics, and a member of Consultation Committee of Ministry of Commerce of PRC.

Professor Jia Qingguo is the Dean of the School of International Studies of Peking University. His publications focus on US-China relations, relations between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan and Chinese foreign policy.

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