China and International Security

china_irStrategic and Defence Studies Centre, ANU

A Dialogue with Distinguished Chinese Scholars

5.30pm-7pm Wednesday 6 April
Molonglo Theatre, JG Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, Acton, ANU


Professor Wang Jisi
President of the Institute of the International and Strategic Studies, Peking University

Professor Jia Qingguo
Dean of the School of International Studies, Peking University

Professor Yan Xuetong
Dean of the Institute of Modern International Relations, Tsinghua University

Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC
Chancellor of the Australian National University

Professor Evelyn Goh
Strategic and Defence Studies Centre


Rising China has been reshaping world order for the last quarter of a century. While scholars diverge in their assessments about China’s growing capabilities and long-term intentions, there is a shared expectation that China seeks greater power and influence. Moreover, many expect that China’s growing influence in Asia will form the basis for more ambitious projections of power outside the region, and for altering the existing global order. Rising tensions in maritime East Asia over recent years has only intensified debates about China’s intentions, strategy, and impacts on international security.

This Public Forum provides a unique opportunity for dialogue with China’s leading experts on strategy and foreign affairs. Professors Wang, Yan and Jia are not only among the most influential scholars and teachers of international relations and security in China, but also have sustained policy engagement and influence in Beijing and abroad.

The Forum will explore critical questions including: what does China want, and how do Chinese leaders envisage obtaining these goals? What is China’s regional security strategy, and what type of relationships does Beijing seek with other East Asian states? What are Chinese views on the future of Sino-American and Sino-Japanese relations? Are there uniquely ‘Chinese’ characteristics in foreign and defence policy and diplomacy? What role might Australia play in Chinese visions of regional order?

This Public Forum is part of the initiative, ‘2016 Australia-China Relations: In Dialogue with Distinguished Chinese IR Scholars’, which brings these scholars on a one-week tour of Australia’s three leading cities. This is a collaboration between SDSC, ANU, and Deakin University, La Trobe Asia, and Sydney University’s China Studies Centre, with additional sponsorship from the Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC).

For further information please contact Professor Evelyn Goh, SDSC.

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