Women warriors and wartime spies of China

ledwardsUniversity of New South Wales

Professor Louise Edwards

4pm-5pm, Monday 16 November 2015
Council Chamber, The Chancellery Building, UNSW
Enter through Gate 9 off High Street, Kensington
Parking available at Gate 8 off High Street

Louise Edwards will speak on her forthcoming book Women Warriors and Wartime Spies of China (Cambridge University Press). The book explores the lives of some of China’s most famous women warriors and wartime spies through history. Focusing on key figures including Hua Mulan, Qui Jin, Xie Bingying, Zhao Yiman, Zheng Pingru and Liu Hulan, this book examines the ways in which these extraordinary women have been commemorated through a range of cultural mediums including film, theatre, museums and textbooks. Whether perceived as heroes or anti-heroes, Edwards shows that both the popular and official presentation of these women and their accomplishments have evolved in line with China’s shifting political values and military aspirations over the past hundred years. Edwards sheds new light on the relationship between gender and militarisation and the ways that women have been used to glamorise war both historically and in China today.

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