The Bronze Age of the Altay Mountains

altayChina Studies Centre and Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts
University of Sydney

Professor Shui Tao, Nanjing University

2.00pm – 3.30pm, Wednesday 2 December 2015
Room 310, Old Teachers College (A22), University of Sydney

Professor Shui Tao, Deputy Director, Department of History, Nanjing University, will present an illustrated lecture on the archaeology of western China. Professor Shui is a specialist in the Bronze Age of North-West China. His talk will present important new data on recent excavations in Xinjiang. This region, as a contact zone between central China and Eurasia, is an area of increasing focus for archaeologists seeking to understand the early development of China’s links to the outside world. The story is complex and this talk will provide fresh insights into this process.

Professor Shui Tao is Deputy Director of the Department of History of Nanjing University. He obtained his PhD in 1994 at Peking University with a study of the impact of climatic fluctuations on early cultural development in Gansu and Qinghai. His key research interests lie in the archaeology of north-west China, particularly in the prehistoric and early historic periods. He has had a long involvement with the Three Gorges Project and with the major Social Science Fund project Xinjiang History.