Zheng Guogu in Conversation

zheng_guogu6:30pm-7:30pm, 30 October 2014
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
181-187 Hay Street
Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000

Join us for a conversation between acclaimed Chinese artist Zheng Guogu 郑国谷 and Aaron Seeto, Director of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

Co-presented by the China Studies Centre, University of Sydney, and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Zheng Guogu is internationally recognised for producing large-scale installations and architectural interventions that highlight the absurd and often ironic connections between traditional Chinese culture and everyday life. He works both independently and as a leading member of the Chinese contemporary art collective, Yangjiang Group, based in the coastal city of Yangjiang in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province. As part of a generation of Chinese artists who have been affected by the explosion of global market forces, Zheng’s art practice questions the meaning of calligraphy, painting, performance and architecture in our globalised contexts.

Zheng Guogu will discuss the emergence of Yangjiang Group during the early 2000s; the artistic strategies employed by the group living outside the key centres of artistic production in China; and their idiosyncratic perspective on the relationship between culture and everyday activities such as gambling, gaming, drinking tea, calligraphy, food and built environments. Zheng will also discuss previous projects of Yangjiang Group and the development of a major new project for 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art to be presented in January 2015.

Zheng Guogu will be in Sydney undertaking a site visit at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour, where the Yangjiang Group will exhibit and perform in a special project to take place in early 2015. You can participate and support this major project by supporting 4A’s Kickstarter crowdfunding Initiative to bring these artists to Australia.

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