OzAsia Festival


Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide, South Australia
3-20 Sep 2014

More information: http://adelaidefestivalcentre.com.au/ozasia-festival/

Shandong Focus: In 2014 the focus of the OzAsia Festival will be on South Australia’s sister state, Shandong Province.

This festival includes numerous events related to China.

These include (but are not limited to):

Hedda Hammer Morrison: Travels of a Photographer in Old Shandong
Presented by The Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide and the State Library of South Australia
This exhibition features rare photographs taken by Germanborn Hedda Hammer Morrison (1908 – 1991) drawn from the Morrison archive at the Harvard-Yenching Library. Morrison lived and worked in Beijing from 1933 to 1946, and in 1967 after sojourns in Hong Kong and Sarawak settled in Canberra with her Australian husband Alastair Morrison. The exhibition focuses on Morrison’s 1942 trip to Qufu, the home of Confucius; Tai’an; the sacred mountain Taishan; and Ji’nan in Shandong Province.
1 – 30 Sep 2014

Rizhao Farmers’ Paintings
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre and Shandong Provincial Department of Culture
Rizhao is situated on the coast of south-eastern Shandong Province in China. The name of Rizhao originates from an old saying: “It is the first to get the sunshine”. Rizhao is well-known for its blue sky, jade sea and golden beaches. Listed as China’s first Modern Folk Art Painting City by Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China in 1988, Rizhao’ folk art is now treasured and regarded as one of the three major national modern folk art cities.
Rizhao Farmers’ Paintings feature local customs of rural and marine areas with a strong flavour of country life, rich content in paintings and elaborate design. At the same time, the paintings show abundant colours, and unique charm. This painting style has attracted world-wide attention and high praise.
3 – 20 Sep 2014

Red Sorghum
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre and Shandong Provincial Department of Culture
Australian Premiere and Exclusive
Adapted from the novel by Shandong’s Nobel Prize winning author Mo Yan, this exquisite dance drama by Qingdao Song & Dance Theatre presents themes of love, affection and patriotism.
Combining dance and unique music composition by Cheng Yuan, this passionate and moving drama tells the story of a group of characteristic villagers, their courage and bravery fighting against the Japanese occupation, and their individual struggle for love, life and destiny.
3 Sep 2014

Raining in the Mountain
OzAsia on Screen
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre and Adelaide Cinematheque
The abbot of a Ming Dynasty temple is installing a successor and he invites a general and an esquire to help with the decision. Both men have secret designs and they bring along cronies, one of them White Fox, a beautiful master thief played by Hu favorite Hsu Feng. The film is a dazzling animation of mind games and physical action, as earthly intrigue and spiritual reverie are projected on dynamic movement through space. If only the Borgias have the likes of Hu to tell their story.
Print courtesy Hong Kong Film Archive.
4 – 5 Sep 2014

Elegant Pursuits: Arts of the East Asian Scholar
Presented by Art Gallery of South Australia
Elegant pursuits: Arts of the East Asian scholar presents the cultivated environment of the scholar-artist filled with the implements for his aesthetic, moral and spiritual cultivation such as flowing brush strokes of calligraphy, austere ceramics used for tea and alcohol, lacquerware and sculpture.
5 Jul 2014 – 5 Jul 2015

For more information: http://adelaidefestivalcentre.com.au/ozasia-festival/