Reading the Old in the Light of the Newly Discovered


Reading the Old in the Light of the Newly Discovered:
Chinese Philosophy and Ancient Chinese Texts

8-10 December 2014
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

The symposium aims to explore a topic of scholarly importance: traditional Chinese thought in the newly recovered ancient texts. In the past four decades, the discovery of previously unknown texts dating to the fourth century BCE and to the Han Dynasty, as well as older versions of known texts, has revolutionized the study of early Chinese philosophy and history. The texts are of great significance in understanding the development of major strands in Chinese thought and allowing us a fresh opportunity to ask crucial questions about ancient Chinese culture and history. Experts and key researchers in the fields of early Chinese writing and classical Chinese thought are being invited to contribute to the discussion of the topics in terms of modes of manuscript production, Chinese intellectual history, and new interpretations of Chinese thought in these newly recovered texts from this formative period of Chinese philosophy.

Both Chinese and English will be used to facilitate the discussion. Selected papers will be reviewed and published after the symposium.

To facilitate organizing the conference, please send a brief biography of approximately 100 words (including name, position, affiliated institution and specialities) and an abstract of your paper by early July. We will also need the full paper by early October.

For more information, please contact:
Dr Shirley Chan (, Tel: +61 2 98507021)
Macquarie University

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