ChinaScape: Transcending Space and Time


2014 Chinese Studies Research Day
14 November 2014, University of Melbourne

Organised by the Chinese Studies Research Group at the University of Melbourne
Sponsored by the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, the University of Melbourne

Research Day Aims:
– To bring together research higher degree students (MPhils and PhDs) and researchers interested in Chinese studies to communicate and share ideas;
– To connect with both junior and senior researchers and eminent scholars based in Australia.

Research Day Theme:
The leitmotif of the 2014 Chinese Studies Research Day is ChinaScape: Transcending Space and Time. The Research Day centres on the broad theme of changes, transitions and challenges within and across the national borders of China – a process of transformation, which has characterised the country’s modern and contemporary history. “ChinaScape”, in this context, refers to the complex, dynamic movements of and interactions among people, things, ideas, cultures, places, and times on both the spatial and temporal scales, which have taken place inside and beyond the national boundaries. Hoping to stimulate interdisciplinary approaches and multi-perspective analysis, we invite participants to address various issues in their studies of and about China from a wide range of disciplinary terrains.

Who can apply?:
The Research Day is designed for research higher degree students and researchers interested in Chinese studies. Students and researchers based in Australia are highly encouraged to apply. Please note that participants are expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation.

Application Process:
If you are interested in participation, please provide the following information before 1 August 2014:
– Title and Abstract (250-300 words) of a potential paper relevant to the theme
– A short biography
Applications should be sent electronically to Mr. Hao Zhang ( Please do not hesitate to contact Hao or Ms Bick-har Yeung ( with any questions.

Registration Essential
Registration for the Chinese Studies Research Day is free, but registration is essential for catering purpose. Please email Hao Zhang ( your willingness of attending before 28 October 2014.