CSAA Conference 2015

The CSAA Conference in 2015 will be held in Adelaide, July 5-9, as part of the International Convention of Asian Scholars Ninth Biennial Conference (ICAS9) in conjunction with International Institute of Asian Studies based in Leiden, The Netherlands. IIAS is the second largest Asian Studies grouping after the American AAS. It will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre in downtown Adelaide across from the newly refurbished Adelaide Oval.

This cooperation between the Association and ICAS9 will mean that CSAA members will be part of the biggest Asian Studies conference ever to be held in Australia and with that will come opportunities to meet China scholars from China and elsewhere around the world.

Preliminary registrations of interest can be lodged at http://www.icas9.com/ while the IIAS has already begun calling for registrations of interest in panels http://www.iias.nl/event/icas-9.